Anti-seismic adaptation and consolidation at the former headquarters of the land registry

Location: VENEZIA

  • Renovation year: 2018
  • Customer: Impresa edile Setten Genesio


Located in the historic center of Venice, near the Rialto Bridge, the building was originally intended for the land registry offices, following the restoration it was used as a very luxurious hotel.

The three-storey building overlooks the Grand Canal. We are in Riva del Vin, at number 744 of San Polo. The large building, has a splendid terrace from which you can see the Rialto, is located almost in front of Ca ‘Farsetti, the seat of the Municipality.

For this intervention both the LPR40® and LPR ZS® systems were used, the latter on the one hand offers continuity with the LPR and on the other it is clamped to the masonry with a %22root%22 system, consisting of steel bars . The LPR ZS® System allows to give solidity to the wood-concrete floor and to the masonry in a practical and fast way, without resorting to the insertion of reinforcement or other invasive technologies.

The conditions of the floors were on average good, but in some rooms beams had to be replaced because they were too damaged.

The phases of the assembly of the LPR ZS® plates, after having made the holes in the masonry, the resin is inserted and then the threaded bars

Overall view of the TRALICCIO LPR® system and LPR ZS® brackets during the installation phases.

View of the LPR® system with the subsequent installation of the electrowelded mesh, a phase that anticipates the pouring of the concrete

At the end of the curing of the concrete casting, the load tests were carried out.

System LPR ZS®

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