Eliminate rising damp: KITCOX®

It is already big because it is the result of over 70 years of company experience in resolving rising damp in the walls.

The novelty consists in having made accessible to everyone, through a simple and practical system, the complex technology that is the basis of the famous Peter Cox® Barrier. The practical KITCOX® offers those who intend to carry out the work independently, the certainty of an absolutely reliable technology and know-how such as that guaranteed by Peter Cox®.

With KITCOX® you will be able to put into practice an effective and decisive technology, like a true professional technician.
The specificity of the Peter Cox® system is given by the slow and progressive diffusion of the silicone liquid (Slow Diffusion System) which guarantees a homogeneous and complete expansion in the wall, even in the presence of discontinuities.

Everything you need in a practical kit

  • Product (PCM8 – PCM8 / C – PCM8 / E) to be mixed with water
  • 10 2-liter graduated containers with clamp for infusion adjustment
  • 10 T-connectors for connection
  • 10 caps for neoprene diffusers
  • 20 m of neoprene diffuser tube
  • Instructions for an easy and intuitive application

With the purchase of 2 kits, the 100-liter stem for mixing is for free


Economical and practical to use, the “do it yourself” barrier ensures a result perfectly in line with the professional intervention carried out by Peter Cox®.

The kit is reusable to protect and respect the environment.
Furthermore, KIT COX products are covered by a product liability warranty.
The kit illustrates the safety rules for the correct use of the product by the operator and the useful instructions for the success of the intervention.

The product is available in three different formulations, depending on the type of intervention – construction site or home – always ensuring the same result performance. Once the actual need has been verified, it is possible to add only the product or only the equipment to the Kit.

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