Renovation of a building with conservation restrictions.

  • Location: TRENTO
  • Renovation year: 2006-2008
  • Customer : General Construction Company Carron Cav. Angelo


The building is located in the historic center of Trento, near the Duomo and on the edge of the pedestrian area Built at the end of the 19th century on a project by the Austrian architect Hinträgher, the building was originally intended for a professional school, now it is the seat of the faculty of sociology of the University of Trento.
The building develops with a rectangular plan, with sides of about 50 x 70 meters, around three internal courtyards, of which the central one is covered. The complex develops, in height, on five levels (including the attic), four of which are above ground, for a height at the top of about 19 meters above the street level.
The building is subject to protection as a monumental asset; therefore the execution of the works was carried out in compliance with the constraints and conservative rehabilitation provided for by the legislation.

The interventions carried out concern the reinforcement of the wooden floors of the floors of the classrooms and of the attic, the LPR 60 truss screwed directly onto the wooden beams (use Trieste), through a laying scheme in agreement with the designer, has made it possible to reduce the deflection elastic of the floors below 1/500 of the span, guaranteeing accidental overloads of over 400 kg per square meter, being the LPR truss a continuous system it creates a strong bond between the perimeter walls and the wooden floors, guaranteeing an effective vertical connection / horizontal, as required by the regulations for buildings in seismic areas.

The TRALICCIO LPR® system is reversible, as required by the superintendency, being a building with conservation restrictions.


If you are looking for more information about the constraints and limitations of intervention on buildings bound by the fine arts, click on the icon.

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